Maud Lewis and her husband lived in their tiny painted house in northwest Nova Scotia.  Maud endured daunting disability to live her life making art. She is now a beloved folk artist in Canada.

The Folk Artist may not be professionally trained or technically skilled, but the spirit of art burns brightly throughout the duration of their life!
Art Krauss "The Diary of Elizabeth Black"
Art Krauss "Real Time News"
Emily Krauss "St. Pete's Blues"
Art Krauss with Overture and Recessional by Peter Krauss
  "The Day the Water Came"

Created and recorded in 1969-1970, this project included an 8.5 x 11 box with 4 serigraph prints and an audio reel tape. The music has not been played or heard in 50 years; until now.

From fifty years ago, a dark prediction of the climate disaster Planet Earth faces today and tomorrow...
New England Diner Shuffle
The First Woodstock
Art Krauss "My Movable Feast"
The Forever Day
Art Krauss "Backwards and Forwards"
Art Krauss "The Hippie Kit"
Nova Atlantis 1969
Why the 60's Generation went mad; finally revealed