Here are the steps.

Get a coal stove like we had in our train station.

Drag a bucket of coal inside at about 4 am.

You’ll have a nice toasty fire going by; oh, about, say, 4 pm.

Get a oven attachment that goes on top of your stove that catches the heat from the stove.

Spoiler; It will never, ever, in a lifetime, never get hot enough to cook a slice of bread. Other than that, it’s great!

This is about what we had except it faced forward.

Spoiler: It doesn’t work. Very romantic though; if you have the strength to cook after spending 3 years lighting the coal fire.

Direct from the official “Alice’s Restaurant Cookbook”

We’re making her infamous MEATLOAFBURGERS and some New England Fettuccini Alfredo.

Set the table while it’s not, never cooking on the stove.

It’s really nice to have an extra busy table. Most all of the art on the table is great finds from my home away from home “Salvation Army Thrift Store.”

Taking center stage is Mr. Brewster. My luck, he’s a huge Trump fan. I’m trying to dine in a pleasant experience with a nice glass of wine from our official B50 vintner; and groove to some tunes vis-a-vis Alexa. Something mellow and inspiring like Diana Krall.

And what do I hear?

“Make America Crow Again”


“Give it a rest, Brewster; I’m trying to digest.