The Exhibit
Jude Burkhauser "Spirits in the Wood"
Clark Britton "Back in the Day"
Anne Giancola "California Dreaming"
Art Krauss "The Day the Water Came"
The Artist Reading Room

The rear section of the Parlor Rail Car Art Gallery is a lounge area with various books and artifacts created by the six artists.
Jude was an extraordinary artist and scholar that the world lost in 1998. One of her last projects was a series of paintings on Mexican Bark Paper.
Lorriann Centineo "Dragons"
A retired professor of Graphic Design at Wichita State University, Clark finds interest in everything from puppet making to creating handmade artist books. His "Back in the Day" pen and ink illustrations are a delightful series that could be as comfortable in a 1920's newspaper as today.
As Executive Director of the Bothwell Arts Center, Anne has innovated a host of fantastic new directions for the center. She is also a multi-talented decorative artist creating amazing murals and other types of art.
A rogue professor of Art and Media, Art has taught at a number of institutions for 35 years. He has practiced in areas including music, poetry, visual art, and being a groovy grandparent! He has created many web based art projects. "The Day the Water Came" is a music and serigraph edition from 50 years ago.
Lorri lives in Brunswick, Maine. She is an amazing Renaissance woman with such diverse interests as expertise in Astronomy to her current book of delightful and fanciful watercolor illustrations of dragons.
B50 Art Exhibition will take place on Saturday, August 17th in the 1909 New Haven Railroad car adjacent to the Palmer, MA Train Station that is now the Streaming Tender Restaurant.
Ernesto Santiago-Norat "Florida Moon"

Our dear friend Ernesto left us far too soon. During the last months of his life, he was exploring creative photography. Bless your heart and soul, we will always miss you and your creativity.

To compliment the exhibit of the six artists will be a section of interesting 1969 memorabilia.
Inspired to create some art of your own? Color a page in our Bob Ross Coloring Book in the exhibit car,  and we'll post it on the official website. There's a happy little cloud for you!
And celebrate the 100th anniversary of the world famous Bauhaus Art School by coloring in that book. Or better yet, both books! We'll post your art in this website.