It's B50 Day at the Chicken!
Alice’s Restaurant. Stockbridge, Massachusetts. 1967

Arlo and some friends, sat at a table. They ate and joked while Alice cooked. Sitting at a nearby table was a man. He was studying the menu. There were a number of pencils and a pad of paper scattered about his table. When Alice came over to him, he decided on her “Famous Chili.”

At some point, the Americana artist and storyteller glanced over at the table as the Hippie artist and storyteller glanced back at him. It is only within the domain of the imagination to guess what thoughts might have crossed their minds!

Those two men sitting next to each other never met, or even knew one another. But they were both celebrating. Arlo had just released a new record album with his epic song “Alice’s Restaurant Massacree.” And Norman Rockwell has just sold his painting “Home for Christmas” to McCalls Magazine. Both of these works; so divergent from each other, would go on to both become cultural icons of America.